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We Bought a House!

Fort Worth, TX

We were looking around and we stumbled into our dream home that just felt like we belong - and we were lucky enough to be able to purchase it so now we're moving to Texas!

A New Home For Us

We are so beyond blessed to have had five years of experiencing such a beautiful, extraordinary love grow through milestones and memories, adversities and victories, tears and laughter, and an unconditional amount of devotion and adoration. Five years we spent dreaming, planning, and now putting into action, as we begin building some physical roots.

New York has always been an important part of our story - it was the foundation, but we always knew we wanted to leave to establish a better life for us and our family, both present and future. Texas embodies all those desires and more - a new beginning full of opportunity, stability, and happiness.

We wanted to express our gratitude to all of our loved ones who have supported our love and have wished us nothing but luck and happiness in the years to come. We wanted to share this next adventure with you because love and support is what helped get us here.